Friday, November 5, 2010

The Farm Chicks Christmas Book

As many of you know, We had our storage Unit broken in to and they stole my Christmas box. My Christmas decorations dating back 4 generations.   With that said, I have still been a little bummed with Christmas coming. Don't get me wrong, as stated in my last post, I am looking forward to the Holidays and starting traditions for Glenn and our little family.  But as far as decorating goes, I have been stumped, uninspired and a little "Bah Humbug".  That was until I received an early gift from Nathan, my Farm Chicks Christmas Book!  I was sooo excited because the cover alone was thrilling, but then I opened it...AMAZING!

Inspired by the pages of this book I found a great use for the old Buddy L!

Chaps and a plethora of Farm Chicks Christmas books!

Celeste, Sally, Nancy, Glenn, Me, Serena and Chris.
I was so thrilled to open the book and feel the excitement of Christmas page after page!  Inspiration filled me as I read the stories, looked at ideas and studied the beautiful photographs.  The women featured in this book have incredible talent, but more than that they have an endless imagination to create such whimsical displays and enchanting homes. 
Today I went to Chaps for a book signing party, to have my book signed and meet up with the amazing women featured in The Farm Chicks Christmas. It was a wonderful treat to see everyone, catch up with old friends and meet others who love the book and decorating as much as I do. 
Then on the way home I found my new beginning pieces towards my new Christmas box, I stopped at Hollies yard sale and found some glittered trees for $3.  I was inspired by the old toy trucks filled with decorations in the book.  Remembering the Buddy L I literally dug up under the old barn last summer, I put ideas in motion!  I think I am on a good start!
Thank you Serena, Teri, Nancy, Sally, Celeste & Chris.  I have to say I am actually "giddy" again about finding new ways to decorate for Christmas, ready to hit the junking trail in search of new traditions and beautiful things.  Love, Jennifer
You can find the book at , , Costco, Chaps and many other locations. 


Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness!!! I love my trees in your vignette! So creative!! So glad you got to have so much fun last weekend!