Friday, January 28, 2011

The Birthday Corner-January

January is almost over...and that makes me sad.  I love January, it is fresh and new and clean.  And it contains my Birthday.  I embrace every January, and every new year.  Many people dread gaining another year, but after I lost my dear little cousin Kelly at age 16 back in 2008 I welcome every Birthday with open arms.  Every year an accomplishment and a blessing I thank heaven for.

Starting in 2009 I decided we would have a "Birthday corner".  I love to decorate for EVERY holiday anyhow, so why not decorate for birthdays too?  So I pulled together trinkets and treasures that represent each person (at the time it was only Nathan and I) and placed them with various vintage birthday memorabilia.  This corner would stay up for said persons birthday month.

I happen to love vintage birthday decor, inspired by my FJ Partner Hollie (she has the best Candle collection ever!).  I have this vintage plastic cake with lid, I saw it on a junking day at a thrift store with a $14 tag on it.  Not wanting to spend that much I decided to skip it.  I regretted that for a whole year.  It had been perfect, not only was it vintage birthday, but it had the flower of January on it, Carnation!  I thought about it every once in awhile.  Last October while shopping that same store I found it in their sale bin!!! It had been marked down to...get this...$1.35!  It is now my new favorite decoration!

For Nathan's Birthday,  it is usually done up in vintage cowboy and camping decor.  And for Glenn...we will see what he brings out in himself to showcase!
When we have a month that is not a birthday I decorate for the Holiday or Season.  

I say Celebrate those you love, including yourself.  Each year, each breath, never take it for granted. We are given this life to Cherish...and to Celebrate!  Cheers!  Love, Jennifer


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea.....and your vintage items are so fun to look at! Great score on the cake, too! Guess that was meant to be!
Every year on my birthday, I got an angel like the one you featured. Sure wish I knew what happened to all of them! I think there were some Christmas ones, too.
Yes, celebrate every day and be good to yourself.

Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

I love love your birthday corner, so much I want to eat a piece of cake!=)...I gasped at the Pioneer candles too;)'s I do not have!!! Hope you post Nathan and Glenn's birthday corners too!!!!
love, fun, junk!!!
you have it all=)

Mermaids of the Lake said... Best Blogger Tips

You are too cute! I love, love the idea of a birthday corner! I love my birthday too and my birthday month is June. (in case you were wondering- Farm Chick's weekend)It will be hard to find a corner in my house that is not crammed (I mean lovingly adorned) with stuff, but it sure would be fun to have a birthday corner!

Mermaid Debbie

Funky Junk Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Ladies! It is fun! I will post more as the Birthdays come...
Love, Jennifer