Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day at Northside Elementary was always something that took a good two weeks in preparation.  I picked out my cardboard box of themed cards from the local Sprouse Ritz.  I would choose carefully the cards for each student in my class, avoiding giving the cute boys cards that said "too much".  I would dot all "i"s with hearts.  Then I would fill each Valentine with 3 candy conversation hearts; pink for the girls and also, being careful not to put "kiss me" or "you're cute" in the boys that I may have had a secret crush on.  I would give extra hearts to my best friend and the Teacher.  We would all make mailboxes for our desks out of construction paper in different shades of red and pink, shaped like a heart and taped to the edge.  An hour before class was out we would have a party.  Everyone would hand out their Valentines, We would have a treat such as cupcakes the teacher or a parent had made.  It was tradition to play-heads up seven-up.  After School I would read through my cards again and again, decoding any that were from said boys.  I would display them in my room for the rest of February.  A few I still have in my jewelry box.

Today I still love it just as much.  I like to make cards now, but I choose carefully for those I love the cards that are right for them.  I remember the first Valentine's after Nathan and I were married, I was so excited to buy a card for Nathan with the word "Husband", ever since I make it a point to give him one that says that.  My Mom and grandma had a tradition to give each other and me a fold-out Valentine.  They are hard to find but still out there, I have had to make mom's the past few years.  My Father always gave each of us girls a rose; Shelly a pink, Errin a red and I would get a Yellow one.  to this day Nathan gives me red and Yellow roses.
And I still proudly display my cards.  Small tokens of love, pure and simple love.  What a great thing to celebrate!  Happy St. Valentine's Day!  With LOVE, Jennifer


Mermaids of the Lake said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your story and it reminds me so much of my own memories. Love your picture too!


Jess Roy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that display! So, so cute :)

Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your Valentine corner!! So beautiful!! Love