Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Farm Chicks: The story of the "Car Couch".

If there is one question I received the most since last years Farm Chicks show it is "where did you come up with the car couch idea?".  So I thought I would share with you the adventure behind getting it.

I live on my family farm that includes a "car cemetery" here and there through the back 40. My great uncles would dispose of an old car by dragging it out in the woods and parking it.  There are a few VERY old cars still back there.  Growing up this was especially fun for my sisters and I.  We would investigate them, find treasures in them, pretend to drive them and so on.  For me though I always stretched my scope of imagination and would try to figure out how to turn anything into a fort or habitat.  Hang curtains, tear out a seat to fit a small table, find a place to make a cooking area...virtually turn it into a playhouse. 

As years have gone by my walks in the woods have been a bit more nature driven, I am seeking the trees and the scenery.  I pass the old cars with only a nod to that young girl of yesterday and smile thinking of the antics she was up to.

But, on a May day last year I revisited that imaginary abandon I felt as a kid when I came upon this beauty while hunting morel mushrooms.

  I decided to crawl in...just for a second.  and just sit.  As I did a wave of excitement came over me.  I envisioned the wallpaper on the ceiling, the cushions on the seat and the lights across the roof.  I saw myself with a glass of wine and a book sitting in this next to the garden.  I giggled at myself and the absurdity of the whole thing, dusted off my pants and got up. 

I went to leave and just couldn't do it.  I walked around and around the old 1936 (thank you Pancho!)Chevy until I smiled with the thought of "why not?".

So, I went and got the guys, Kyle my cousin was visiting and loves a good adventure!
Everyone likes to stretch their scope of imagination in their own way!

So we went to work.
Turned out it was going to be easier than I thought!  The bottom was rotted out so all we had to do was cut it in half from the top!  We were able to drag it out of the woods easy enough since it was hollow.

  The rest was up to me. I hammered in a wooden seat to replace the old metal one that was rusting away.   I went to the department store and picked out some fun cushions, with the help of my friend Stacia I wallpapered the ceiling with some vintage peony paper I had.  Added some push-on lights to the roof and made my dream come to life.
Here I am with my old high school friend Ginger.
A side view.
Lucky for me, it did not sell.  I could not bare the idea of parting with something I had poured so much heart into.  So, it came home with me to it's rightful place next to my rose garden.  It is a nice place to sit during a rain storm, or just to visit with a friend.
Stacia and I enjoy an August evening by the garden...please pay no attention to the collection of beer bottles.  :)
I have been working hard on this years show items, but I think this Car Couch will forever remain a perennial favorite.  Thanks for visiting!  Love, Jennifer


Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

The Car Couch is definitely at the top of my FAVORITES!!! For 2 reasons...such a cool thing that took my breath away and that is the day we met!!! Oh my kindred how very grateful I am for that day!!! :)

p.s. you have such a scope of imagination...

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

I am totally ignoring the beer bottles and looking at your giggly faces...haha! I LOVE this story and your creativity!

And I am loving the soap I got at the Spokane Mkt Funky Junk show.

Junebug Furniture and Design said... Best Blogger Tips

We loved your car sofa at Farm Chicks last year,we only wish we would have taken a picture in it! Such a great piece!


Glad & Cel

Christina Weedon said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my--what a cool find! I confess, though, that what draws me in most about your post is my desire to shoot a styled session in this car graveyard!! :)

Becca said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I love this post. It's fun to see where the idea came from. Looks like a fun adventure getting it out. Isn't it funny how that works out? The ones that are meant to be yours don't sell. I'm glad for you that it didn't sell. The only pieces that didn't sell for me this year were the ones I secretly wanted to keep.

Loved your over the top display this year. It was so amazing! You're such an inspiration to me!

Cash For Cars Atlanta said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha that is awesome! This takes me back to the 70's when people would drive around in there vans filled with hippie beads and what not. I'm surprised a scrappy car like that with something unique did not sell. Take it home!!

-David Enabulele