Friday, October 21, 2011

Office Cottage part 3 - Update

This week the dream became a reality when construction started on the new building!  Here are a few shots to show the progress.  Surprisingly the cost is about half of what I thought it would be with building supplies way down! And October has had some glorious days for being outside! It is coming along very nicely!

1st things 1st...the supplies, my new friends from Home Depot Todd and Robby!  Glenn is happy to help too!

The foundation.  The building is on skids in case we want to move it around someday.  This is Tim Kelly, he is the awesome saving grace who has put this all together for us!  He is an amazing builder and wonderful friend!

I am telling Tim I already love it just like this!   We can have it as a dance floor!

The walls go up! 

Everyone gets involved, this is our friend Sandy getting a lesson from Tim on using a nail gun. 

Our friend Ken who is helping too.  I am a very blessed girl to have such amazing friends.  The guys are even going along with all my crazy ideas on re-using old material after the frame is made!  Ken is providing me with old galvanized roofing with the perfect amount of rust!  Love it!

Well, here is the frame.  Next is the wrap, windows, roof and siding. 
I am excited to move on to the next steps and show you the finished project!  See you then, thanks for visiting!  Love, Jennifer 


Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

Sure is lookin' good! :)

Keeknbeese said... Best Blogger Tips

Jennifer, It looks amazing! Congrats! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Chantay Smithingell said... Best Blogger Tips

Judging from those pictures, your office cottage is finally taking shape, Jennifer. It's just a matter of time before you can use this as your main home office, but what type of roof did you install on that one? I suggest that you should use cedar shingles to complement your wooden sidings. What do you think?

Noreen Mayweather said... Best Blogger Tips

I think that’s’ a nice suggestion, Chantay. I’m not Jennifer, though. ;P If you’d dominate the building with wooden materials, it would be a warm-looking cottage on the outside, which is a good thing. It’ll make you forget that you’re entering an office and would allow you to relax and condition your mind before you start all the work. What have you decided to use, anyway?