Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friends on the Junking trail

To me, one of he best parts of this Junking world is the friends we make.  It has become such a wonderful gift to have found people all over the country (and in some cases the world!) who share a common love of old things, cherished treasures and a connection to a past we all yearn for.

I have met so many wonderful friends who to me have become like a big family because to love this lifestyle like we do, I believe we were cut from the same cloth!

This past week I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle on Flathead lake MT.  What was going to be a couple day stay turned into a 5 day stay due to weather.  I loved it though, hearing old stories from Uncle Herb and Visiting with my dear Aunt Virginia.  At the end of the week Uncle Herb wanted to take us out to eat at his favorite restaurant, The "Homestead Cafe" in Lakeside MT.  He loves this place because the food is great and it is decorated with antiques.  Knowing what an avid junker I am he thought it would be perfect for me to see, plus all the antiques are for sale!  While I was looking around the restaurant I heard my name being called, I turned around to see two familiar faces, Beth and Carrie of keeknbeese!  I had met them at Farm chicks and then had visited them at The Vintage Whites.  It was so fun to be in a little restaurant in the middle of the Flathead valley and see fellow junkers, junking family members!  It made my day, so here is a SHOUT OUT to all my kin out there, I appreciate the relationship we share.  I love that we all meet up at least once or twice a year like kids at camp, enjoying watching our kids grow, seeing our finds and sharing our stories.  I just want you to know, you mean so much to me.  Love, Jennifer

PS  here is a link to Beth and Carrie's Blog Check out Carrie's Minatures on her etsy site too, I LOVE them!and you can see them next at The prarie Sister's show the end of the month.


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Jennifer that could have been me. I always think~us junkers/bloggers are close and don't even know it..
We have a little cabin in Lakeside and love to eat there when we are in Lakeside. In Orlando now waiting for Farm Chicks!! I bought the chicken feeder from you last year, remember? It's at the house in Lakeside..I love it!

Funky Junk Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I think of you often and your wonderful chicken feeder! Hope to see you in June! Maybe we can get together when I am in flathead this summer for a coffee and visit! -Jennifer