Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 1 of "Meet the Crafter" -Jay Mock

These spatulas are wonderful, I use them for everything!  And the best part...They are only $5!
As many of you know I spend my weeks from May to October as a vendor at the local Farmer's Market here in Sandpoint, ID. Every year I gather items through out the season to tuck away for Christmas and Birthdays. I love buying handmade items, supporting my fellow vendors and knowing that the item is of great quality. In honor of buying local and supporting small business's I am going to feature a local crafter each week until the holiday season is over. Starting with the man I always go to for a gift, because everyone can use his items!

Meet Jay Mock, the maker of the amazing wooden Utensils!  Jay has been in business since 1978, and believe me when I say some of those original items are still be used by people in my family!

Jay Mock, Master Utensil Maker!

I love these spoons with flat ends because you can scrape the edge of the pot with them!

My favorite item to give as a gift!  Perfect at only $20!

I always take the time to pick out just the right one for the person I am giving it to.  They are all unique and different sizes. 
Perfect for scraping peanut butter from the jar!  great butter spreader and many other uses.

There is something so magical about wooden utensils, they are primitive and warm.  Unlike plastic and metal these seem to have a bit of heart to them.  Cooking to me is such a soulful experience that I prefer to use wood as much as possible.  My personal ladle has the stains of berries from jam, the colors from canning beets and the history of many pots of soup shared with those I love.  I hope you get a chance to see these in person.  You can find Jay at the Sandpoint Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays until Mid October.
You can also reach him through email or call him 208-263-1270.


Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect! Now I want to buy some! I love the richness & character they have to them...most of all LOVE that each piece is handmade!!!

MaryDella said... Best Blogger Tips

I had my pancake turner for one year until a friend wanted it so badly that I gave it to her. Now I want another one for myself. It's so beautiful!