Monday, September 10, 2012

Funk Junk 12, That's a Wrap!

It was indeed the BEST Funky Junk Labor Day weekend I could ask for!  Not just because it was only a couple minutes from my house in the most beautiful valley in the world!  But because it was everything I have always dreamed of for Funky Junk.  It was a day out in the country, on a historic and well loved farm. A day of music and laughter, food, Junk and friends.  It was a festival of vendors that continued to laugh, and hug and tell stories like a holiday get together.  And it was the shoppers, near and far who came and stayed and came back again!  I really do appreciate every one of you and I hope you know how grateful and happy I am that you chose to Make Funky Junk YOUR destination!  I will cherish the memories of this labor day weekend and look forward to seeing all of you at the next show!  Thanks for the Love!  ~ Jennifer
"Come and get it!!"
The Wood V-X Barn (known to the locals as the old "Davis Barn").
Nathan visits with Mr. Jim Wood himself, with wife Virginia.  Love this moment!
McCall of Sideshow
Made by my friend Coco, of Coquille Vintage.
Pavilion shopping.
Sal, Glenn, Rebecca and I take a break from setting up.
Looks like Glenn Kelly and Tank might be on their way for an adventure!

"take me to...Funky Town", I love my Carol!
Dan Brown keeping things in line!
Mom, Celeste and Michele enjoying the day!
My dear friend and talented Graphics designer, Elle!

Funky Junk Gear designed by Elle!
We welcome you to Funky Junk!!!  My niece, Holly and Nat Nat!

Rebecca and Marianne sharing a hug and a fun day!
Sandy sold out of Biscuits and gravy both days!

Marley and her sweet new pillow.

Ariel shot by my nephew, Dylan.
I love that all 3 of Sister's Creed was reading the same copy!
My hero's of the weekend!  Michele, Jim and Natalie of 3 craft Chicks, they helped all week to get the grounds ready, decorate, prep and keep me sane (not to mention all the hauling!)  Love them so much!
Bridges Home, playing the last sounds of Summer.
A dance with the love of my life and the rock that keeps me grounded, Somewhere over the rainbow...
Thank much.


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, the sweetest wrap ever...way to go friend! So sad I missed it, but so happy for you!

Huge hug,

Funky Junk Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Deb, I hope to make it over to see you gals this fall. Lots of love to you! ~Jenn

PinkGranny said... Best Blogger Tips

We had such a nice time...great job!