Monday, September 27, 2010

A visit with the "Fancy Farm Girl"

Do you ever scan thru blogs and posts under "image search" randomly on the Internet just to feel inspired?  I do, seeing pretty things makes me feel better, makes me feel like cleaning house, decorating, creating! 

One evening earlier this year I was feeling very sick from pregnancy and that was making me blue.  I typed in "fancy. pink. farm." words associated with things I love.  And here pops up "The Fancy Farm Girl".  I was thrilled!  Every Picture I came across made me happy! Tiffany has such a great eye for beauty.  She has a great writing style too that made it easy to relate to. So, I clicked "favorites" and returned time and again to visit.

Recently I got an email asking fro vintage Silverware for the Gals at Creative Connection.  I sent a note stating I had some to sell.  It turned out the person in contact was "The Fancy Farm Girl"!
I happened to be heading over to her neck of the woods that weekend for my Father-in-Laws wedding so I told her I could meet up with her sometime over the weekend.
When I arrived at Tiffany's I was very thrilled to see that she had yard tents set up in her yard for what looked to be a sale.  Sure enough she was selling her inventory to focus on her photography business.  Of course I shopped!  I was thrilled to scoop up old ceiling tiles, glass apothecary bottles, metal baskets and more!  We have no idea how I manage to fit all that I do in our Subaru but honey where there's a will, (and amazing one-of-a-kind-finds) there's a way!

We were about to head out when Tiffany asked if I wanted to see her studio.   Um, YES!  I was soooo excited to see where the magic happens to create such an awesome blog!

Have you ever been reading a decorating Magazine and wanted to crawl inside the pages?  I did that day!

 We entered the newly shingled house thru a very romantic porch.  I loved the old tattered davenport used for photo shoots.
Inside was a treat for the eye.  Every corner had another display of treasure!  I loved all her collections and her style of neutral colors mixed with sparkle!  And yet it was still a "farm house" too!
The most exciting part came when we headed up the stairs.   Wonderful and enchanting.  I cannot put into words what I was feeling as we entered her studio!  Splendid is a good one.  Set with such careful detail, such beauty and style.  I was so busy taking pictures and visiting there is no way I took it all in, but I was over-stimulated with the creative juices flowing in my brain!  I could just imagine how easy it must be to feel inspired in a place like this!  Then there was the display of vintage prom dresses.  Tiffany is proud as peacock of this collection, and she has every right to be!  She even wears them!  She donned on for the last Farm Chicks Show!  I made a goal to fit into one of these eventually too! 

Her "white" Bedroom was a retreat indeed!  A hard working mom and entrepreneur deserves a room like this!

Last but not least was "The Fanciest Chicken Coop" ever!  I was so impressed with this coop, I wanted one for a studio or guest house! She has the luckiest chickens around!
 The farm is indeed a working farm.  Her daughter was bathing a donkey and visited with Nathan and Glenn during my tour.
The gardens were beautiful, the house was amazing and the host was down to earth and very sweet!  I left the farm with a feeling like I did when visiting the website last spring but multiplied by 100!
  Floating back home, it was easier to take the 7 hr drive with my head spinning with inspiration for Hodge Podge Cottage and the yards we will get to next year!
                                                                  The Fancy Farm Girl


                                                  A beautiful collection of white pitchers.
                                                 Makes me want to sit down and create!
                                                                    Happy thoughts

                                     A Wonderful centerpiece made by the gals of "All that Glitters"!
                          One should love your collections THIS much when they are THIS Beautiful!

                                                                        I Love this.
                                                        Someday I dream to wear one too...
                                                                  A room of dreams!
                                                           Some of Tiffany's Creations!
                                                         We share a love of old bottles!
                                                                           The Coop!
                                                         Nathan and Glenn wait patiently
                            I was dressed for a day of "Junking"!  Loved my visit with Tiffany!
                                                                   Shopping too?!?!?
                   Always leave a host gift when you have been treated to such a nice afternoon.
                                                                    A Romantic porch.
                                                       Dirty pink farm boots...Love it!

                                                                  Old Blue's Sister!!!!

We have plans for a garden house converted craft room, and new soap shop out of the old family cabin and other out buildings when Glenn is able to be put down for a bit!  Until then I will hold him and keep searching the Internet for inspiration, you never know where the pages might take you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Funky Junk?

People ask me all the time "what made you want to start a show?".  The Answer is simple, I love people, I love fun, and I love Junk!  So, together with my amazing business partner Hollie Eastman, we formed an event that included all the above.  We had been two booths down at the wonderful and exciting Farm Chicks Show for 4 seasons.  We had extra stuff, surprisingly extra time (pre Glenn and Finn) and a little empty grange (empty except for all the stuff left in it from a rummage sale 25 years ago!)  We rented the little building for a song and a dance (actually for our work in cleaning it up, just the two of us and any family members we could sucker in)!  Appropriately it was called "Paradise Grange", hence the sign you see at the entrance of each of our shows, and will for years to come!
We knew by the crowd that lined up down the old dirt road that this was something that we should do again...and so we have.   7 times over and counting.   We changed locations to granges that are bit more accommodating (running water and restrooms!), but hold dear the memories of our little Building on Paradise road.

 It has only been getting better.  We have grown.  We have gained knowledge, we have laughed a lot and tried to cry little, we have been humbled and we have made many wonderful friends.  We have added to the mix new babies, new homes and new insights.  But one thing remains, the three words Hollie came up with at our first show... LOVE.  FUN. JUNK.  It is that simple.  So with this new blog I hope to bring to you stories that capture those simple words.  Here's to the memories to come!