Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Tank~ The Funky Junk Dog!

When out on the junking trail or setting up for a show, I see friends who are always excited to ask how much he has grown?  How is he?  Where is he today while I am shopping?  I always assume they are talking about my 2 year old son, Glenn....But then they finish with "TANK!" "I Love that Tank!!".  It always make me smile that such a silly little guy brings so much happiness to everyone he meets.

Photo By Burnett Photography

Tank is our 2 year old Bull-Dachshund.  We picked him out of a litter of puppies from the back of an Oldsmobile at a Thompson Falls MT gas station.  He is a riot! 
Photo by Burnett Photography
When we have done shows in the past he has been either in my booth, or out visiting with everyone.

I set out to find a new location and of course Tank came along help with the search.

  He is a good "Junkin" dog because he will go on a pick with me and check out an old shed before I go in for any unwanted pests! 
Photo by Burnett Photography

I adore my friend and hope you will as well, he will be on site at Funky Junk to greet you or even help you decide on a piece..I would trust his opinion...he is usually right!!  See you soon!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Funky Junk: Moments captured.

I am so thankful for Cary Burnett, she is the official Funky Junk Photographer.  I love seeing  the show captured through Cary's lens, she has an eye for beauty and for catching moments at just the right time.  It takes a good eye, but it also takes a good junker to tell the story of each show.  Here are a few of my favorite captured moments from past shows.  I look forward to seeing what she can do at this Season's show!  Thank you Cary, for your eye and your insight!  Love, Jennifer


All photos courtesy of Burnett photography.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Welcome August!  I vow to take as much of you in as I can;

  Swim and walk, listen and watch.
 Stars to count, campfires to build, berries to pick and dirt to 'til.
Canning and baking, fishing too.  Oh I have so many wonderful things to do!
Junking and driving, rivers to float, and don't forget a day on the boat!
Weddings, picnics and garden time.  Please pass the cheese and a little more wine.
 Take your time, don't go too fast...these memories are made to last.

Photo courtesy of my Mom, Marie O'Brien.