Thursday, December 19, 2013

On becoming an Auntie~

I was 16 when I became an Aunt.  My sister and I were not getting along.  Quite frankly, I was judging my sister on becoming a mother at a young age and, looking back I think I was  jealous of all the attention she was getting through her pregnancy and the baby on the way.  The baby was due on Christmas eve.

  My sister went into labor a week early and on Dec. 19th Holly Marie was born.  I did not go to the Hospital, I avoided the topic and went along with normal Christmas activities.  On Christmas eve I was visiting my other sister in Missoula when a Christmas song came on the radio…It hit me so hard I cried uncontrollably…it was a song about the innocent, the pure,  A song about forgiveness and respect and above all…a song about love.  I knew at that moment that I needed to open my heart to what I was missing out on.   I called my Grandmothers house and my sister answered and I said “ what does she look like, does she have hair?”.  Through my tears I told my sister I loved her, that I looked forward to seeing the baby.  The next day…Christmas Day, Dad and I drove back to Sandpoint and straight to my grandmothers.  I went into the house, and held for the first time…my Niece.  It was a long time before I put that baby down, so pink, so sweet and so perfect.

 My world changed when I became an Auntie.  I now had a forever friend , I had a little person to teach things to, to love unconditionally.   I sang to her the Song “Return to Pooh Corner” every chance I got, hoping that she knew that I would be a forever fixture in her life.  I vowed to be her “house at pooh corner”, always there, always welcoming and always true.

As the years have gone by It has not always been easy, we have fought over homework and manners.  We have argued on facts and friends.   But,  we have also cried with one another during the loss of loved ones.  We have laughed harder than humanly possible.  She has grown to be my friend that I can go on road trips with, share mascara with, visit with, have a latte and watch movies with.   I for one have enjoyed every second of it.

Holly brings with her a strange sense of calm.  In fact she was one of the few people I wanted next to me in the Hospital as I labored through having my son.  When she couldn’t be in the surgery room, she stayed as close as she could…just because I had mentioned how much I wanted her there. 

  Today My Holly Dolly turns 18, marking a milestone that has made me a bit sad to think about since the days when I would hold her little hand on a walk. Remembering her words, "Love you Auntie.  Best Friends. Forever.".

 I want to say here and now to my Sister, Errin “Thank You” for Her amazing Christmas gift 18 years ago…the gift of my title “Auntie”.  I love you and I love that sweet pink bundle that has become such an amazing young woman.  ~Jennifer