Friday, August 16, 2013

Come along with me, on a trip to “Wild Goose Chase”.
I have always had it on my  to do list, you know the list…the one you add to and check on, planning for a day when you have some “me time”.  I sadly have had this one on my list since…I am embarrassed to say, 2005.
  Linda Anderson walked into my shop one day when I had an Antique Store in Spokane, WA.  I was only 26 years old and did not know much about the world of Antiques, All I knew was that  I loved old things and was hoping that others did too.  Linda was a kindred spirit right off the bat!  She loved all the kitschy things I collected,  she appreciated my passion for the 40’s tablecloths and vintage aprons.  We visited every time she came to the shop.  The connection I had with Linda stemmed from the fact that she lived in my beloved Selle Valley, just a hop, skip and a jump from my family’s land where I grew up.  As the years went on Linda became a vendor at Funky Junk.  I promised myself that I would make it to her place one day and see this wonderful creation she had made at her home called “The Wild Goose Chase!
Linda and her husband, George started “Wild Goose Chase” in 2003.  They were looking for a way to make a little income from their land.  Coupled with Linda’s Passion for old things and an abundance of old things from her Mother in Law, Linda went to work.
They turned the original residence, an old wooden building into the Country Kitchen and went from there.  They built new buildings as they went along, including the Garden Shed, filed with pots and racks and vintage Garden items.  They built the “Best Western”, an amazing building resembling an old western town building filled up with everything from Pendleton Blankets to cowboy boots to an array of vintage camp supplies (my favorite this time of year!)!
Linda’s Passion came from her Grandmother, who had a love for antiques herself.  Linda said that she decorated her first homes and apartments with items from thrift stores, and even as a young woman she would always  “find myself down a street where they sold old things, thrift stores we fun!”.
And she has done a wonderful job bringing together her old things in her little vintage "town" deep in the woods of the Selle Valley.
This Summer I finally made it out to Linda's, and knew right away it was like no other, so I decided to come back with my camera and capture it for all of you to see!
So, sit back and enjoy the visit.  If you ever want to visit Linda in person, just give her a call ( 208-263-1543 )and set up a time to come out!  As she said, the people she has met and the friends she has made have become the best part!  Also, Linda will be a returning vendor at this year’s Funky Junk Show!  Come say hi to her and see many of her wonderful treasures! 

It is a long and winding driveway to get there, but that makes it all the better!

Lovely Metal, arch made by Linda's friend David Rafferty.

Anyone need a wheel barrel?

A green wagon, makes me smile.

I think I know two gals that may have to flip a quarter for that Poka-dot thermos, Michele & Penny!

Zinnias, My favorite, the happiest of flowers!


The Pack River, winding through her front yard.

This lovely gate is one of three that have come home with me!

Words to live by, leaning by a sweet old tree.

A Happy Linda indeed!  Following HER heart!