Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happiness in my home

The snow is falling heavy.  I have chosen not to leave the house today due to this fact.  I have been on a spiral of emotions this past week with some pretty bad news in our family.  On days like today when I feel like the walls are closing in, I feel it is best to focus on the things that make me happy.  Simple things in my home that bring a smile to my face and remind me of the beauty there is when so much ugly has been filling my brain.  As I was taking my pictures I was already feeling better remebering the stories behind the things I love.  So here I share with you a few photos of my home, my happiness.  Love, Jennifer
My old industrial sorter from my Friend Val.  I love it in my Bathroom.
Picked this old mirror up for 2 dollars from a house they were tearing down across from farmer's market.  I loved it just the way it is...tattered and all.
My hobnail goblets purchased at the last Funky Junk Show from my friend Barbara Schriber.
I love this, it hangs at the north end of our living room. 
Glenn's tent fort makes us all happy!
My grandmothers old pitcher holds bath supplies.
So true.
My grandmother Clara painted this, it is one of my most treasured items in my home.
I believe that glass bottle should be used and displayed, they were in storage for too long.
My treasured "Prince Edward Island" postcard that my friend and business partner Hollie sent me for my birthday.  Someday I will walk these fields and dream of Anne.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friends on the Junking trail

To me, one of he best parts of this Junking world is the friends we make.  It has become such a wonderful gift to have found people all over the country (and in some cases the world!) who share a common love of old things, cherished treasures and a connection to a past we all yearn for.

I have met so many wonderful friends who to me have become like a big family because to love this lifestyle like we do, I believe we were cut from the same cloth!

This past week I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle on Flathead lake MT.  What was going to be a couple day stay turned into a 5 day stay due to weather.  I loved it though, hearing old stories from Uncle Herb and Visiting with my dear Aunt Virginia.  At the end of the week Uncle Herb wanted to take us out to eat at his favorite restaurant, The "Homestead Cafe" in Lakeside MT.  He loves this place because the food is great and it is decorated with antiques.  Knowing what an avid junker I am he thought it would be perfect for me to see, plus all the antiques are for sale!  While I was looking around the restaurant I heard my name being called, I turned around to see two familiar faces, Beth and Carrie of keeknbeese!  I had met them at Farm chicks and then had visited them at The Vintage Whites.  It was so fun to be in a little restaurant in the middle of the Flathead valley and see fellow junkers, junking family members!  It made my day, so here is a SHOUT OUT to all my kin out there, I appreciate the relationship we share.  I love that we all meet up at least once or twice a year like kids at camp, enjoying watching our kids grow, seeing our finds and sharing our stories.  I just want you to know, you mean so much to me.  Love, Jennifer

PS  here is a link to Beth and Carrie's Blog Check out Carrie's Minatures on her etsy site too, I LOVE them!and you can see them next at The prarie Sister's show the end of the month.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A lunch & look

I was invited to my dear friend Michele’s home for a lunch & Look Last week.   What exactly is a lunch a look you may ask?  It is simple, it is what women have loved to do for years, to decorate their homes and have friends over for a nice meal and share all their hard work and creativity.  In the junking world this is tenfold.  We as Junkers love to discover treasure, live with it in our homes decorating with our own style and more over we LOVE to share it with others!  Half of the fun of decorating is hearing other’s reactions, seeing their faces as they ooo and awe over what we have created.   And what we have discovered.   There was plenty of that last Monday when a group of us Junkers and friends gathered around Michele’s beautiful pine table and enjoyed her home and a nice lunch together.  She left her Christmas decorations up for all of us to enjoy.
 Michele has been a shopper at many a show, so it was very fun to go to her home and see in action the items she has found in our booths and stores.  Vendor’s think of this often, we find a piece and save it for a special show hoping someone loves it as much as we do.  Here are some pics of Michele’s wonderful home and our Lunch & Look.

Such a sweet welcome on her pantry door
I would love one of these lighted aluminum trees!

I LOVE This children's vintage toy fridge!
Vintage Santa.
A SCORE from Pink, I love this Santa!

Winter beauty.

A perfect patina on this old cupboard.

I stared at this all through lunch enjoying all the detail!

Enchilada lunch with an amazing salad and salsas!  The jello salad was orange cream, I had seconds!  Michele took the time to write our place tags with a dry erase marker on keepsake picture frames.  She even made us all books to put our pictures in!  She is so talented!

Michele has recently opened her own business and booth 3 Craft Chicks at the wonderful ROOST on the corner of Main and Division in Spokane WA.  She creates a style of retro and rustic with her own twist added in the amazing paper products she creates.  Check out her blog (Moments with Michele)too for a wonderful journey in her beautiful day to day life.  My only regret was that I did not get any pictures of people,  But it was a splendid day of visiting and sharing a love for home and decorating and friendship,  Thank you Michele for a wonderful day!