Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Farm is Waiting for Spring

We have been very, very patient...but the farm is ready for spring! There are parties to throw, gardens to grow, berries to pick and seats to sit!  please come soon sunny days!  And we wait...

Many wonderful Conversations are waiting to be had in these guys!

Waiting for their cushions and a couple gals with Gin and Tonics!

Even goose is waiting, we informed him that the new ducklings and goslings are 2 weeks away!

The old brn fell down but waits to be salvaged and re-born into our harvest table and porch swing!
The Blackberries and orchard wait to greet this years potato crop!

Our new Black Cap (black raspberry) rows stand waiting for sun.

Just need a a little help...

And Esther is waiting for new house to be ready!

Esthers' New house!
Love, Jennifer and the farm

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Greetings from our farm to you!

Easter to me is new life, Hope springing, love and forgiveness reigning. I wanted to share with you a bit of Easter from our farm. We wish for you a happy spring full of all things Wonderful!

We love Easter mail! Greetings from afar!

In the bathroom, A little reminder to read as I get ready in the morning.

Esther the Easter Chick was gracious enough to model for me.

Esther and my vintage made in West Germany Egg.

Thank you Esther, you did a fine job!

Yes, a simple word with so much meaning.

This is the door stop bunny my dad gave me at the Funky Junk Show Fall '09

Love this Banner From Hollie's yard sale!

A gift from Deb at Second Saturdayz.

My newest additions to my vintage Easter card Collection! Thanks Hollie

Love, The Woods

Monday, April 18, 2011

Girl talk & A Happy Birthday Mom

5th grade is a tough time for a girl. especially in a small country school like the one I grew up in. In the spring of 5th grade all the class room was a buzz about a girls Saturday for moms and daughters called "Girl Talk". This was going to be a full day event filled with a tea luncheon, a fashion show and other events. Mostly discussing well, girl stuff.

At the time my father had just gone back to college and Mom was waiting tables at the Hoot Owl to make ends meet. Extra money was just not something you asked about. With this said I did not have high hopes when I brought the Girl talk pamphlet home and left it on the table.

That week at school was a long one, I listened to all the girls discussing what they were going to wear Saturday and how much fun it was going to be. Truth be told I was the only girl in the 5th grade who was not going.

I decided to put my focus elsewhere, to the fact that the same weekend was Mom's birthday. Grandma was going to help me make a cake and we would celebrate it at her house. Grandma had also given mom $25.00 to buy herself a nice blouse or new purse, something that she normally wouldn't buy herself.

Friday rolled around and as I was getting my things together to head out the door for school I saw in my back pack the registration pamphlet for "Girl Talk" with the payment attached. I was confused. The registration was $25.00 and that was a lot out of our family budget. As I climbed on the bus I realised that mom had used her Birthday money to pay for the event.

Needless to say I protested but Mom made it clear that this would indeed be a wonderful Birthday treat for herself. And so we went, dressed in our best Spring attire. I felt so special and Mom was glowing, And of course had a wonderful time!

This is my Mom, she gives of herself, she lives her life in technicolor. She is an Amazing artist, singer, cook, gardener. She carries the title Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Grandma, Master Composter, Soap maker and Friend 110%. She is Amazing to say the least, and 21 years later I hope she knows how much I appreciate her. And above all I Wish for her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I Love you Mom!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank you

 It went so very fast, one moment it was set up, the nest the music started and the lines poured in

Photo Coutesy of Burnett Photography
Glenn Kelly and Mom sing along with Bridges Home!

Carl the Conductor
Photo courtesy of Erin Hudson Photography

Chaps Girls enjoying the El fresco day!

We could not do it without our 4 front girls!

My Cheerleader Reminding me to enjoy the moment.
Photo courtesy of Erin Hudson Photography
Funky Hunk Nathan, Raja and Tank
Photo Coutesy of Burnett Photography

The ladies of Funky Junk
Photo courtesy of Erin Hudson Photography

Tired out Scout (photo from labor day 10)
I say from the bottom of my heart...Thank you.  To the vendors who worked so hard and put forth so much heart into making Funky Junk Season 9 so incredibly amazing! 
Thank you to the customers who traveled, who saved their pennies, who dressed for the weather, who stood in line and laughed and smiled and made this an event full of WONDERFUL energy!
To the musicians; Dave and Tami who gave us music in a power outage, and Heidi for her sweet voice. And Mike who played solo for the entire Sunday!
To My mom who was a cook, a security guard, a babysitter, a booth watcher, a go-for, and above all SUPPORTER all weekend and beyond (not to mention giving the grange power with her generator!!!).  To Funky Hunk Husband Nathan for...well, Everything you do and Are!  You make everyone feel like Funky Junk Family!  To Glenn for being a trooper!  To Carl for giving us a location that is so Amazing and perfect, for having the train for kids to enjoy and face-painting too! To Mark for getting everyone safely to their parking spot!  To the four AMAZING girls who took care of checking everyone in, covering our merchandise table, cleaning and tending and wearing smiles the whole time!  And to the kids who are dragged along with moms and dads and friends and who are gaining an appreciation for the "junk" in the world!  And Finally to My Business Partner Hollie, for sharing this journey with me...for being Love Fun and Junk with me...I Love you. 

Now, to rest up...we only have a blink of a Spring and Summer until it all starts all over again!  See you Labor Day Weekend!  Love, Jennifer

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Because of YOU!

We do this for you...our customer, our support, our friend.  We haul in our big trucks and trailers stacked high to fill spaces up just to see your reaction!  We LOVE it, we live for it!  from the treasure hunting, to the planning, the painting, the sanding, the decorating and the setup...we do it because of you!

While setting up today I took a moment to stand back and imagine all of you tomorrow, the excitement for the lost item you have been searching for, the boots that fit "just right", or the friend you have not seen since labor day!  I imagined all your trucks and cars pulling up empty and leaving filled over the sides with things to make your home unique!  I truly mean it when I say how this is what makes it worth every heavy load up the steps and every hour into the night worth it...because of you.  Thank you for supporting Funky Junk...
SEE YOU IN THE MORNING!!!  Love, Jennifer