Sunday, September 18, 2011

Office Cottage part 1 (The Before shots)

"All I want is a room to spare, far away from the cold night air...oh wouldn't it be lovely?"

A window to start plants in.

A new dutch door with a window will be perfect!
I found a small cottage today for my office and work area.  If all goes as planned it will be moved from Bayview to my garden before the end of the month!  I have been looking for one for over a year that will fit next to the garden and be big enough for bookshelves, a desk, storage and a comfy chair to sip coffee in.  When I found an ad for this little guy in Bayview ID,  I jumped at it!  He measures 10x14 and is ready to be loaded and moved!  The best part is I have something new to decorate!  Like a painter with a fresh piece of canvas I am imagining up all sorts of things!  I plan to put cedar shingles up on the outside so it will match the house when we are finished.  Followed by a porch light, an old European type to shine across the yard.  I don't know what I will do inside yet but I will post later when I have it finished.  By then I should be sitting in that comfy chair surrounded by my books and papers!  stay tuned... Love, Jennifer

Monday, September 5, 2011

How to host a Junk Show: By Glenn Kelly Wood

First, Create the dream.  Then set forth on your journey with an open heart!

 Next, Find a location "ok, now make  sure we have enough room inside for music!"

Make sure there is plenty of room outside too for all the wonderful vendors!

Pack early to make sure you are ready for vendors, and pack lots of stuff for all the shoppers!

Spend time making things look good.  un-pack carefully.

Decorate your show, it is a treat for all those attending! PS  remember to pack tools!
Always lend a helping hand, even if it is just to hold a ladder.

  Keep a tidy show room and clear isles for all the shoppers!
Give LOTS of love to your vendors!  -My friend Charlie from Junebug 

Keep engaged on what is going on.

Practice good customer service skills.  Show the customer how an item can work in their own home!
Clean up afterwards!

All worth it in the end.  If your vendors are happy, and your customers are happy, and you are happy...then you have had a successful show and you can rest easy.  Happy Junking!  Love, Glenn Kelly