Sunday, November 6, 2011

Office Cottage : This old Roof

This past week we put up the roof on the office cottage. I had shown Tim a picture of Robyn Brown's (Magnolia Pearl) guest house.  Mentioning how much I like the old roof and siding.  He told Ken Babin about it and Ken said he had a "whole pile of that stuff" by his greenhouse.  He was nice enough to give me the old roofing from a shed they had torn down years ago!  He was happy I could use it.   And a bit surprised I was interested in it!
I for one was thrilled!  I Love the worn look of the old used galvanized metal roofing.  The guys were nice enough to pick the most aged pieces to be seen from the house!  The goal is to make a building that looks as if it has been here for years and has a story!

My job was to caulk the old nail holes, this was simple.  I used brown silicone caulk to match the rust.

Tim was concerned that a shiny new white ridge cap would take away from the feel, he suggested we fabricate one out of the left over roofing.  So the guys shaped one in minutes just using a 2x6 board!  It turned out perfect.

Goose makes a good on site journeyman!

At the end of the day I passed around the beer and toasted what I call "the most beautiful roof I have ever seen!".
Ken said "It;s all in the eye of the beholder Jennifer, but if you are happy with it then it is the most fantastic roof ever built!"  I love these guys!
Next up is windows and door...and yes, those too have a story!  Love, Jennifer