Monday, December 3, 2012

Office Cottage~ Finished!

 Welcome to my Office Cottage.  It has been a stop and go project since last I posted, but in September we finished it in time for me to get to work for the "busy season"!
Here you will see that we used savaged boards for the siding.  I had to have some turquoise somewhere so the windows were a perfect place!

The windows were purchased at Market Place Antiques from my friend Barb Wolfe.  They are from the old Colburn School.  I love the shape and size!
This photo was taken with my phone so it is a bit blurry, but you can see I wallpapered the back wall with vintage wallpaper I picked up for $1.99 at the Union Gospel Thrift store.
I found this Table top in an old Chicken coop.   The top was faded , but large and solid.  I treated it with restore-a-finish and we used old fence boards for a base. We put it on a mixed match set of taller legs for a good high work table for me (I am 5' 11''), I have always dreamed of having such a tall work table!

 Wrapping paper I store in a stripped lamp shade frame.  Box of drawers from my fried Valerie!  I decided to paint the wall boards turquoise because I...well because I love it.

One of my favorite pieces is this post office mail sorter!  I bought it from my friend Dena at Roost .  The best part is that the zip codes and city's were all from North Idaho!
The Post mail sorter is perfect for keeping all my crafting supplies organized and in view for easy access.  The table under the sorter was a gift from my friend Lisa, her Mother, Irene was a second grandma to me.  Irene used to sit at this table on her back porch and I treasure that memory.
I love apothecary jars to hold trim.
 I really cherish that these windows were from a school.  When I sit to write or find inspiration, I find comfort in the fact that many a child looked out these windows with a daydream, a thought or even just a longing for recesses.

The cabinet is full of slide out trays and drawers for holding paper supplies.
I L-O-V-E German Glass Glitter.
A light to guide my path when I come out to work at night, call me old fashioned...but I still use candles.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my studio.  I have been hard at work creating Christmas items for craft shows, scrap booking my son's world and even finding time to write now that the farming season has come to a close.  I feel blessed beyond words to have such a place.  Kindly, Jennifer