Monday, August 28, 2017

The "Feel" of Funky Junk

It’s that time of year again, the time of year I always expect the Planning and Zoning Dept to show up in my driveway to ask for a building permit! 

Funky Junk is right around the corner, and if you have ever been you know that Nathan and I go all out to create an elaborate entrance to our Amazing show which we start building weeks before hand! 
In the past 10 years  Funky Junk has had very unique homes, we started in the old Paradise Grange South of Spokane where Hollie (my now retired co-founder) and I had to clean out all the old “junk” in order to make room for vendors!  When we moved the show to Sandpoint the following September, we utilized the small Sagle Community Center that reminded me of the one room school house in Anne of Green Gables, but more spacious.  We quickly outgrew the small parking lot there and found ourselves needing the space of my all time favorite Grange, Oden Hall!  Oh how I loved the charm, memories, and even the smells (Nathan’s pie) of that sweet grange.  When we went back to Spokane for Spring we used the Old Irish Dance hall in Chattaroy for a few  years, then came the Old St. Joseph’s Church when we out grew our Fall home at Oden.  One Spring we rented a large warehouse downtown Spokane where the indoor Farmer’s Market was held on 2nd Ave.   After that Hollie retired to be with her Boys more, and I decided to keep the show close to my home for the time being,  I then had to find a place with enough parking and room for all of you amazing Shoppers!  I was lucky enough to get to Spend 3 wonderful years at Wood’s Ranch and the Big Red Barn, until they turned into a successful granary and feed store.  So, a home was made finally at the Dear old Bonner County Fairgrounds!  The Fairgrounds are enchanting to me, so may memories of years spent there manning booths, showing Animals, waiting tables and growing…learning…celebrating Harvest, Family & Friends. 
There was only one problem though, after being in so many charming and unique locations, I still needed to give this place feeling, and soul for those who may not be familiar with it, who do not have memories of Knights of Columbus turkey dinner, elephant ears, the smell of cedar chips and zinnias, the excitement of children seeing what ribbon they got and preserves so delicately displayed by aged, loving hands.

A theme had to begin, and decorations needed to be made!  Nathan and I decided that first year to go with “Come Home to Funky Junk”, and with that we built a cottage in the woods, that when you entered the door you were transported to a place where history was preserved and cherished! 

The next year we payed tribute to the Lumber industry and created a Logging Camp!  Complete with forest,  a REAL Log cabin and all the essentials for a lumber jack!

Even our food vendors get into the spirit of the Theme with a menu to match and decor to delight!

This year is our ten year Anniversary, and we are not going to hold back from giving you another experience that will bring you to more than just another Antique or craft show, but to a festival that is a step into another world!
So, as we are “Prospecting for Treasure” on our 10 year Anniversary (which is the tin anniversary) we hope you enjoy what is sure to be bringing my neighbors curiosity! 
I have to say that We pride ourselves in doing every detail ourselves, nothing is hired out and no one is asked for ideas for each year, it’s just Nathan and I and many cups of coffee as we scratch ideas out starting on the dark winter days we have here until they come to life for all of you at the end of Summer!

So, I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you, because I know we thoroughly enjoy your reactions!!! 

 See you in a few days!  Thank you for giving us such motivation & inspiration! 
                                        Cheers!  ~Jennifer, Nathan & Glenn Kelly