Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas House Part II "The wearing of the green...And Red".

My treasured trees Via FJ Hollie.

$1.99 scrore from Goodwill!

The pantry.

My collection of Holt Howard.

A gift from Carol Steinway, My favorite new piece.

My Dream home.
A more traditional route, I Love red and green at Christmas.  So familiar and vibrant!  I have also enjoy old Holt Howard Fiqurines for awhile now.  We had the feathered angel as a tree top growing up, so when I went on Ebay to find a replacement I was surprised to see the collections out there!  Some are other brands, but all have that 30's & 40's look I love!  I found alot at the Funky Junk show, the bell is from Ballyhoo Girl & the tall one (that looks like it is out of White Christmas) and the candycane guy are from Market Place Antiques Sdpt.  My Whitmans Chocolate sales display was in a box of Christmas treasue Carol Steinway gave me for Christmas (which will be a blog post in itself at a later date.) and I ADORE it!
I love how much Glenn has enjoyed these displays because he loves red so much, makes it all the more special this year!!  Thanks for visiting! ~Jennifer

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Home for Christmas part 1 Pretty in pink & Turquoise

I do love pink.  I am a girl who adores all things pretty, and pink is top of that list.  Turquoise has been my most favorite color my entire life, so my kitchen is that.  When I started re-buying my Christmas decorations for some reason I started with my kitchen in mind.  I found a white tree after Christmas last year for $6!  And went from there, some ornaments are gifts, others found at the Funky Junk shows this past year, and some I had found at thrift stores and antique shops around town.  I love having a tree in the kitchen too, after all why not?  Happy Holidays!