Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soap Giveaway!

I am giving away soap!!!!!
From my farm to your sink.

A hard days work

Soap Balls, invented last year as a way to save ends of logs.  Already a favorite!

Farm fresh!

Here is my humble little playhouse.
As Many of you know, besides Co-hosting Funky Junk and running a Berry Farm, My life is all about soap!  You can read The story behind the Soap Co. at http://www.yesterdaysconnection.com/
I love what I do, it is therapeutic in many ways (mostly because I use only pure essential oils).  Every time I go to work (In my mom's old Playhouse-converted soap shop)  I turn on my Celtic music and mix "potions" with all my customers in mind as I work.  I really do imagine the people who will need my product.  The kids with eczema, the elderly with severe dry skin, the teenager with acne, the sunburned Athlete...the list goes on and on.  I love hearing your stories too.  We have many that we get in person, by mail, and third person.  The stories range from skin clearing up to stain removals on treasured items to skunk smell coming out of the dog!  I love hearing them all, even if it just that you like the bar! 

When I see you at Farmers' market or at a show I love hearing you say "I need more!", not because I am selling it, but because I have made a product that really does help and really does work.  So as my Thank you to you, I am giving away $20.00 worth of soap!  Just become a follower on my blog and leave a comment, if you already are a follower then leave a comment on my blog.  For a second chance to win mention this giveaway on facebook and I will enter you twice.  And for a third chance to win become a fan of Funky Junk on Facebook, mention this and I will enter you a third time!  If you win you can choose your soap from the website or in person at The Funky Junk show.
  I will honor our show price of 3 bars for $10.00 so you will be getting 6 bars of soap!  Contest closes on Thursday 3/31 at 6pm!  Good Luck!
Love, Jennifer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Percy James & Co.

My Favorite new Shop and Shop-Keepers

While Postering on the west side this week I stumbled upon a little gem of a store in Enumclaw WA
 Percy James & Co.  What a delight!!!  It was the pink oven that caught my eye!

  I saw it in the window and knew I had found a little spot of heaven!  Nathan went in to ask to put up the poster while I was changing the baby.  He cam back giddy saying "you HAVE to shop here, I have never had such wonderful customer service"! 

I went in and sure enough I was greeted by not 1 but 3 beautiful smiling faces of the sweetest little shopkeepers I have ever met!  Lala, Mariah and little River were very gracious indeed.  They were informative and creative.

 The shop was dolled up with eclectic furniture, adorable clothes, unique gifts and of course candy treats!  I left with an amazing Chalk board in my favorite turquoise and an antique gilded frame. 

Not to mention a Smile to stretch a mile.  A special thanks to the young ladies who made me feel so welcome and run an exceptionally fabulous store!

 If you are visiting the Enumclaw WA. area stop by and say "hi", and pick up something one-of-a-kind!
1104 Griffin Ave.  Enumclaw WA.  You will leave very happy!
 Love, Jennifer

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2nd Saturdayz 1st Time

A delight.  Pure and simple.  We headed over the mountain this weekend, Nathan, Glenn, Tank and I that is.  We had 3 goals; to go Junkin' for Funky Junk 9, to put up posters around the west side, and to attend the 2ndsaturdayz show in hanger 30!  Oh yes and SELL Lots of Soap!

Needless to say we had an amazing time!  We finally got to put faces to so many incredible names, booths and blogs!  I loved hanging' with Bob and John of JOHNBobcooljunk.  My new Homeys!  We drooled over Debs beautiful items in RETREAT.    I loved meeting Liz from SeaBold and Katie from KG...So many wonderful vendors.  Thank you to Linda and Deb for being such wonderful hosts!  The best part of the weekend was tied...with one being My treasure of a friend Celeste Shaw of CHAPS http://www.chapsgirl.com/ hauling her posese and trailers over the mountain to shop and support us!  What a gal!  Second being the conversion of my dear Brother-in Law Daniel to the "Junkin World"  Like giving candy to a baby for the first time I loved watching him and his wife Amy get excited over vintage and re purposed items!  They bought an old window and headed home to put their furniture on craigslist so they can start in on their "new style", I was so darng proud!!!  We had a great time and found treasures; both in "stuff" and in new found friends.  This Gypsy life is so fulfilling when you leave a show with a pocket full of phone numbers, a camera full of photos and a heart filled with happiness (not to mention a minivan filled with awesome "Junk")!!!  See you all at the next stop!  Love, Jennifer
Welcome to my booth!  Loved the windows of this great old building!

My kitchen worked as a perfect display case for B-cards and postcards!
My Salesmen! 
Kitchen Bar
Celeste was thrilled to see my chaps mug in the sea of "stuff", NFS folks, this ones mine!
Seriously? Seriously!!!  All the way from over the mountain came Chaps girl Celeste!  LOVE.
Bob and Jon from JohnBobcooljunk!  My new Homeys!
A WONDERFUL treat to meet a shopper who came to our Labor day FJ show in Sandpoint last year!
Another Convert!  My Brother in Law Dan has caught the "re purpose bug"!

Deb and Linda, the Amazing gals of 2nd Saturdayz

A Filled van of great new stuff!