Friday, May 6, 2011

The day the squirrel went bizerk

The day started out like any other day...
I was given a lead on a junking opportunity.  A house was going to be torn down for the expansion of hwy 95 near Athol ID.  I went and most of the household stuff was gone, so I asked about the yard and outdoor stuff.  The ladies said "take what you want".  Scanning the area I noticed many old bird houses screwed to trees and posts.  So I went to work taking them down.  When I got to the phone pole bird house I had to give it a little torque.  I pulled it toward me and out jumped...yes...out jumped a large not so happy squirrel!  I screamed, dropped the house and ran!  I may be a country girl...but I do NOT handle rodents well at all!  Nathan took down the rest of the houses and I loaded up the rest of my found treasures.  He laughed at me the rest of the way home!  We went to lunch, went back to Sandpoint.  Stopped at the grocery store and I shopped for a bit while Nathan and Glenn slept in the van.  went home, prepped dinner, did chores, made phone calls and then about 6pm I went to unload my finds into the storage unit in my self...
I actually did a bit of shopping at the thrift stores and then took my time at the storage unit to unload and clean items.  I sorted threw everything and picked up my pile of bird houses with a shiver remembering the incident earlier.  I stacked everything neatly with the houses at the top of the pile...then it a split second as I was lifting a box of dishware a very sleepy and confused squirrel jumped out of a house and swirled around the pile stopping right in front of me and said "what the %*!! is happening"  I screamed and freaked out which caused it to swirl some more...oh my oh my we were a sight, I threw wind chimes and yelled at my German Shepherd to come to my rescue only to learn she herself is scared of squirrels too!  I ran out of the unit and locked it behind me.  But WAIT, you are thinking, you can't just leave a squirrel in your unit!!!  I KNOW that, but I had no choice for the moment!  So I ran home and got my brave husband who was laughing in hysterics.  He made fun of me all the way back to the unit.  he proceeded to drag out every house and check until alas we found the sleeping rodent.  Nathan took him to the forest on the other side of the fence, when he let him out the little guy took revenge by running up Nathan's leg and across his belly...I have never heard a man make noises like the sounds that came out of my husband...I was doubled over laughing...A grown Marine freaked out by a squirrel...and is still doing full body shivers while I write this.  The part that wigs me out is that guy was in my van for over 5 hours as I did my errands today!  We have been singing

Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens

All night and have learned a valuable lesson...check all items before loading,  always remeber; one mans junk could be someone Else's home!  And just because an Item is free does not mean it comes without a cost!  Junk Safely my friends! 

Love, Jennifer and Squirrel

We had to empty all of them

I did not want to touch them

He's in this one!

Poor little guy

a new home

Sorry about that

I am happy with this cow she was a non-living find today!