Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Old Hospital turned Hotel- The ultimate Re-purposed project!

Picture perfect Hospital turned Hotel!

Dr. Quinn Room My Cousin stayed in.

Peaceful porche over looking the old houses across the street.




Our Comfy bed!

2nd level hall

You are well taken care of!

Holly and I looking for ghosts!  Being silly!

Glenn and grandma LOVE the bed!
It is "Grey's Anatomy meets Gilmore Girls"!  The Stevensville Hotel was once the Thornton Hospital in Stevensville MT. Mom has been telling me about this hotel for a long time, she always stays there when visiting my Sister.  25 miles south of Missoula. We were visiting there this past weekend and decided it was time to check it out.  I was in Heaven!!!  The building was erected in 1910.  The first Hospital in the Bitteroot Valley Built by Dr. William Thornton, it was a working Hospital.  Nurse staff lived here too to care for patients.  You can read a full history and make reservations here http://www.stevensvillehotel.com/ .  The Town of Stevensville has a long history, I learned it was the first established town in Montana!  We enjoyed our stay, the rooms are a treat for the eye, and more comfortable than you could imagine!  We stayed in the "Recovery Room", a perfect name!  I loved that the rooms are named after the units they were!  My niece Holly and I went on a midnight tour (hoping to catch a ghost on film) we did not encounter anything too scary, but found treats waiting in the kitchen!  If you are visiting Missoula, it is worth the drive to stay here.  Or, just stop and visit if traveling Hwy 93!  The rates were incredible, the recovery room with 2 queen beds was only $85 (winter rate).  And the owners are a delight to visit with (they literally have sailed around the world and have decorated with their treasures!).  We loved it!  I think you will too!
PS  It is for Sale if you Reeeeeaaaalllyyyy love it and want to try your hand at being an Inn keeper!


Junebug Furniture and Design said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a great hotel and story...how fun, sounds very much like a bed & breakfast, which I love! I'm so happy you and your mom had a great trip, girl time is always fun...great memories, I love to travel with my girls too, oh! and I have wonderful memories with my son, he really preferred camping to a hotel...it's a boy thing!
Thanks for sharing, Glad

Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun! I love history, old homes...all that good stuff!