Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Story of Old Blue

Robyn and Patrick "Scoutin" out treasure in old blue!

A very pregnant me with Nathan and old Blue

It was 2005. I had recently opened up my Antique store in Spokane called "Yesterday's Connection". I owned a Subaru at the time and was borrowing vans, trucks and trailers from friends to haul things, always needing to call a family member when I found a great treasure. That May I got a booth at the Farm Chicks Antique show in Fairfield WA. Needless to say I was loosing my mind taking load after load 22 miles south of town in My Father's minivan just to fill my booth. So I made a plan. I earned enough money that weekend to buy myself my own truck. But I did not want Just any old truck, I wanted a cool old Shabby chic with muscles truck!

It took me 1 day to find him! He was listed in the paper for only $850.00 a soldier who was heading out from Fairchild owned him and could not take him back to California. I fell in love immediately. He was born in 1975, He was the perfect shade of Blue. He made a lovely roar when I turned the key, and he had an extra back seat so friends could go junking with me.

I paid the man and drove down the dirt road singing "country roads" (Old Blue does not have a working radio). And smiled with the knowledge that life was going to be a whole lot easier!
We have been on many Adventures since. He has climbed the mountains of north Idaho for the best of the best Huckleberry patches. He has been used as a bed to sleep under the stars in. He has hauled everything from couches to pigs.
I love to drive him barefoot on the back roads down to my favorite swimming hole, eating lunch on his tailgate and packing home anything I find along the way back.

When I have my niece and nephews' they always enjoy a ride in Old Blue, he is so darn cool! The back seat rings with their voices as they bellow out whatever song they come up with (reminder: old Blue has no radio)
and we rumble along.

He is parked outside each Funky Junk Show proudly welcoming you to visit the the treasures that he painstakingly has brought to you along with many others.

This weekend he is returning to the roots that brought him to me, I will load him up until I cannot fit a bottle cap, and he will rumble down the road as I sing at the top of my lungs "Country roads"! Heading to the Farm Chicks show
If you see us please wave, we love passing friends on the junking trail!
Love, Jennifer and Old Blue


Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

We will be there from Florida! Will stop and say hello!

Cary said... Best Blogger Tips

We have an old truck and it was so lovable in it's "vintage" state. But alas, it has been given a major facelift and will be "new" by the time we are done. Still so excited to drive it around though!

Ballyhoo Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your truck and can't wait to see you!!!