Monday, December 12, 2011

My Pie of Life

The following is my entry in an essay contest "Pieography" by WWC
hope you enjoy! Love, Jennifer

4 Apples
1c blackberries
1 tsp Cinnamon

Pinch of salt
3 TBS Honey
 Crust ( 2 cups flour, 1  cup butter, ½ cup water)

I spent my youth in the branches of an old apple tree.  Apples will be first.  They deliver the essence, the foundation of what the following years are based on.  They are the first thing you will taste, like childhood itself…nostalgic…familiar…pure. 
We stood in his mother’s kitchen while Cinnamon rolls baked for Christmas morning.   The spice lingered in the air.  Cinnamon is still alluring and comforting, never dull, just as magical as that first kiss many years ago.
She was 92 on the winter morning she passed away, 92 years of flavors and stories…gone.  For her I will add a pinch of salt, like the taste of tears that still come to me every time I tie on her apron.
We took over the farm after his accident.  He could no longer drive but he could be in the berries, here he found refuge.  The Blackberries are for him.  Blackberries have to be cut down to become stronger, they have to go through a frost to grow better, they have to wait patiently on the vine to ripen from the sun and grow from the rain, becoming the strongest flavor of all.
My belly grew and so did the life inside me.  He was born on a Saturday, as the bell rang for the Farmer’s Market.   All I could breath was his sweet smell, like fresh honey.  Honey that had been grown and tended to by the bees, kept warm and safe until it was ready to be shared.  Just as my sweet baby boy.

Lay in a crust. Cover.   Bake at a low temp until bubbling over.  Serve to all you love.  And enjoy.

5 year old me in my apple tree.


Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

perfect & priceless...

Junebug Furniture and Design said... Best Blogger Tips

You are such a sweetheart! We really do love you!!

Glad & Cel

Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

Very sweet entry~

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Jenn, you are my favorite niece, but don't tell your cousins. Your grandmother would be so proud of you. As am I. Your grasp of words is so beautiful. Keep it up.

Errin Bair said... Best Blogger Tips

your beautiful prose always chokes me up. I love you sister.

Christine Delgadillo said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow - that was truly beautiful!

Ormolulu said... Best Blogger Tips

Deliciously poetic . . . sweet Jennifer!!!!

xoxo Debi

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

So beautiful! You're a winner!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Jennifer, that was beautiful!!

lulu said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so beautiful. That was a bit of perfection to start my day. thank-you , L

Stacey Sykes said... Best Blogger Tips

That is beautiful--and love the picture too.

Happy Holidays!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so beautiful Jennifer! Very well written. I just love the picture of you in the apple cute! I miss those days of climbing trees...


Funky Junk Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you everyone for your beautiful words, they mean so very much to me!

Funky Junk Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I love you too sister.