Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Corner

As you may know from past posts we have a "Holiday Corner", I decorate for our birthdays and different holidays at the far end of our dining room.  I decided that Mother's Day qualifies for dedication for a couple weeks of May!  I went with a kitchen theme for the simple fact that in My family the Kitchen is the heart of the home and Mother, the heart of the family. 

Tin Kitchen given to me from Cynthia from the Antiquarian.

Pink kitchen set found at a thrift store in Spokane WA.

My Grandmother, Florence.

First Tulip of the Season from my husband.

I have always loved this picture...

Currently Glenn's favorite book.

Glenn brought these up from the woods for me.

Some Mother's Day greetings from my dear Friend Hollie.

My favorite, Glenn gathered daffodils in his hat and carefully gave them to me.

My Mom and Grandma.

Celebrate those who gave you life and kept it beautiful and safe.  Celebrate our Mother's.  Love, Jennifer


Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

This is, as you know, one of my favorite corners in your {beautiful} home!!! You are such a good mommy to Glenn Kelly and one of my favorite things is when I hear him yelling..."MOMMMMM MOMMMMMMM"! Isn't that music to a mommy's ears??? :)