Friday, June 8, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012 Re-cap

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

Another year has come and gone for the highly anticipated Farm Chicks show .
My hens were helping me prep all week too.   "Farm  Chicks"!
Farm Chicks has always been like going to camp for me.  I still remember the fist show I did back in the tent in Fairfield and saying "It is like the Mother ship has called me home".  I still feel that way.
My booth opening day.
Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

  A giddiness takes over me months ahead of time.  And it has become a family affair.  My mom brings her camper up to my house for a week ahead of time to watch Glenn and cook while we get things ready.
Cousin Brooke and her amazing lamp!  Emma found plenty of treasures too, she had saved up her  money and ended up with a whole $76 to bring to the show!  That story made me so happy.

 My cousin Brooke and her wonderful Daughter Emma came all the way from Portland to see the show and help me get ready the night before (T-shirts folding, bag labeling, card all has to be done).

Serena has created an event that brings in fans from literally all over the world, which has given me the gift of friendship that stretches across many miles.  Customers that we see year after year like family at Christmas.
This WONDERFUL customer, Mary Hurd, was SO excited to find this lamp!

 This year has to have been one of the funnest yet!
Thank you Sister for all your help!!!
Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

 I have always had a great time at the show, but this year I had the pleasure of having my sister join me for Saturday!  We always bump up the energy when we are together and then throw into the mix my dear friend Michele of 3 Craft Chicks was just a couple booths away.  Without the help from her and her wonderful family (including Kathy!)I don't know what i would have done!
My Kindred friend Michele
Photo by Burnett Photography

  We had so much fun with our customers too!  Never a dull moment and plenty of laughter.
Lisa Sharp Loved this vintage swimsuit and is for sure going to wear it!

I had the pleasure of meeting Serena's Mom, Gypsy.  I told her "Thank you" for giving us a wonderful lady who has changed so many lives for the good.  Serena has given me opportunities that have changed my path and my story for the better.  I will forever be grateful to her for that.
Busy Saturday!

I hope you were able to see this amazing event, but if not here is my re-cap.  Thank you for visiting!

Adding a punch of color!

Silly tired girls on set up day. Michele.

This pig made me happy, it sold pretty fast!
Photo by Burnett Photogrphy

Funky Junk gear!
Photo by Burnett Photography

Chevy truck turned shelf unit.
Photo by Burnett Photography

It was fun discovering these old lawn ware lamps for the show.

Photo by Burnett Photography
My neighbor and dear friend Michele of 3 Craft Chicks
Photo by Burnett Photography

Old WWII submarine ladder.

Photo by Burnett Photography
Make it you destination...
Photo by Burnett Photography

Photo by Burnett Photography

Thanks for enjoying the fun with me.  Kindly, Jennifer


Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

Your booth is always a show stopper. Every year you have something that just amazes me!! That Chevy Shelf Unit if FABULOUS!! You are one talented lady.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Why didn't I take a picture of you and me?!! Next year, I promise. I wish I had gone right instead of left, then I would have seen your booth when it was full! It was great when I finally made it there.
I love my chicken feeder! I think I have 5 now, no chickens..I wish that too.

Shell said... Best Blogger Tips

It was Great Fun, sharing a "Truck" with you at Chaps! Took me a while to put two and two together,,,,,(I loved your booth last year too w/ the "Car Seat!")

I HOPE you saw the BETTER pic of you, me and Amy,,,,,if not it's on one of my latest Blog posts,,,,,

I was thinking that I LOVE that image (and the memories attached so) that I'll probably take a disk in and have it PRINTED for all of us (actual photos are rare now, aren't they?)

If you want a copy? Send me a physical addy to my Email:
I'll make sure you get a copy too!


Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my dear friend! Your booth was OVER THE TOP usual!!! I'm in complete awe of your talent. Thank you too for all did for 3 Craft Chicks and making our first show ever a GRAND experience and one we shall never forget!!!
I love you! That's all.
p.s. now that fc is over we can begin the search for my farm again...sigh...

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Be still my heart!!! I moved away from Spokane last year so I wasn't able to attend this year's show. I'm so bummed!

I love your new postcard, Jennifer! I have your posters and postcards plastered all over my fridge. I used to ask the Five Mile Starbucks to save your posters for me. :)

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, hey, still loving my lawnware light! Have it hanging on my back deck! Thanks so much, warm regards, Mary Hurd

Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

First the car couch, then the truck shelf........can't wait to see what you come up with for next year!! You have huge talent!!