Friday, July 8, 2011

An afternoon with Sister's Creed

Victoria's home

Kristin, Stacey, Me and Victoria

Beautiful spread!

more loveliness!

Such a fun way to store a curling iron!

I sooo want pillows like these!

Victoria's Husband made her this amazing eating nook.

A welcoming entry way.

The Word Sister literally means "woman of our family".  The word Creed means "I believe".
When put together these two wonderful words become the  perfect definition for my dear friends and fellow vendors, the women of Sister's Creed made up of Stacey, Kristin and Victoria.
Victoria happens to live in nearby Sagle and invited me over a couple weeks ago for a kick-off to Summer with,  an afternoon of Sangrias on the patio (two of my other favorite words by the way!)
The girls all get together as often as life allows to share time in the kitchen, visit, create, tend to children and relax with one another.  When invited to join in on this I was more than thrilled!

We gathered at Victoria's home on Saturday along with Stacey, Kristen and their Sister  Kelly, who actually came up with their wonderful name.

I was so excited to see Victoria's home.  It was like entering a European loft.  with french touches, and flea market finds I found myself oohing an ahhing around every corner! 

And the food was AMAZING!  I enjoyed the salads and delicious treats well into the evening as we all visited out by the garden, getting to know one another.  I love that, I love hearing stories of how everyone came to be where they are.  Turns out that Victoria is a North Idaho native from Bonner's Ferry originally!  and her father and my grandfather most likely worked together in the logging industry!

My other treat was getting a chance to visit Victoria's studio!  I enjoyed every second of that, upstairs from the main living area is 1000 sq ft of design and crafting space, mixed with a collection of antique twin beds for the visiting grandchildren.  To me it resembled the wonderful attic bedroom in the movie Nanny McPhee.

A crafter's dream, with space for storage and work.

Love the Jadeite

I enjoyed this clever way of hanging pots!
Victoria's Kitchen just makes me happy.
Her husband invented this faucet paper towel holder.  you can find them at the next Funky Junk show!
Even the stairs were given special attention.
Wonderful galvanized tub to store toys
This is just cozy and wonderful to me! 

Victoria's collection of vintage prom dresses.  The green one is a recent purchase from my Farm Chicks booth!
A little "Funky Junk".
Love this.
A collection of dress up hats for any mood.

The idea of a room for all the grandkids to hang out in and slumber party in, mixed with a space for creating makes perfect  sense to me.  Why not take in as much as that childhood energy you can!  Victoria loves having them all together her where everyone can "play" and dream.

I was so happy to spend the afternoon getting to know the girls who bring so much creativity and genuine love to Funky Junk.  come visit them too Labor day weekend, you will leave their booth with a smile as I did heading out from my visit.
Thank you Sister's Creed, for a lovely time.  And for being you.
Love, Jennifer


Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

We loved every minute of hanging out with you guys!! Can't wait to do it again. You got some great shots of my mom's house...especially since it was crazy chaos with all of us staying there and all the beds slept in. My mom is one of a kind for sure. She has been creating an amazing home/retreat/creative inspiration all our lives. It might be too cozy...we don't like to leave!! :)

Stacey Sykes said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for coming over Jennifer!! That was a lot of fun. See you around Sandpoint--

Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks wonderful!

Victoria King said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Jennifer for the sweet and thoughtful post on our home and Sister's Creed. You captured the feeling that I have hoped is there... warm, welcoming and a place to regenerate our individual creativity. You also expressed exactly why we chose the name Sister's Creed -- revalidating the sister bond that is there between all of us who find such joy in using "found" treasures in creative ways... where the hunt is as fun as the find... where we
connect at some soul level with each other. That is why my daughters and I so value getting to know you, Nathan and Glenn --- it was wonderful spending some time with you all. And getting to know our other vendor friends -- all so talented, creative and inspirational !! Looking forward to September and Funky Junk in Sandpoint !!