Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Location for Funky Junk & Giveaway!

I was sad, very sad when we decided we had outgrown Oden Hall.  It has always held a special place in my heart; Harvest dances growing up, my first dance with my husband on our wedding day, parties and receptions.  And add to that the MANY seasons of Funky Junk that have been spent there...more memories then one can begin to cover.  Hollie and I haunting the Hall 'til wee hours of the morning finishing last touches.  The Smell of Nathan's Pie baking in the kitchen, all the treasures on display like entrees in a fair awaiting ribbons. The face of every vendor filling their space and every customer waiting to find the item they have been searching and waiting for.  The sound of Bridges Home echoing through the grange, becoming the familiar sound of Labor day weekend. 

So when I went in search of a new location I was determined to find a building with the same sort of feel, a building with history like all the items it will be filled with, a building with SOUL like all the wonderful people who will enter it. 

I looked at farms, no luck.  I looked at big steel pull heart.  I looked at reception halls and event history.  I was not finding the SOUL in any of these places.  Then it dawned on me!  The Church I grew up in, St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Oak St.  Had been put up for sale sitting empty after a new Church was built across town, and I knew it had A LOT of space!  So I checked off everything on my list one by one;

It had History, it was built in 1907!  It had heart, My family members had all been married there.  I was baptized there.  Had my first communion, and gave my grandmother's eulogy there.  Listened to my mother's voice ring through the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.  I had memories here that I could share with others.  So it did indeed have SOUL, it is after all a Church!  After running it past Hollie, we agreed it would make a great home this season!

621 Oak Street

a view from the altar.

I love these windows.

My baptism with  Fr. O' Donovan

My First Communion

We, Hollie and I, will be waiting to greet you again!
On Labor day weekend I hope you feel it, We will all be there, the faces you have come to know and love and new ones that will be a treat to discover!  The Sanctuary, the education wing, the courtyard, even the choir loft will be filled with Funky Junk!  And on Saturday morning when the doors open we will be there to greet you as always, while the music of "Bridges home" once again fills the grounds with the last sounds of Summer!  Welcome back to Funky Junk!  Love Jennifer

PS As a gift to you I am giving away a St. Joseph's Centennial Cookbook!  It is an amazing cookbook from some wonderful people who have put much heart into it!  And some history too!  retails for $25.00.
To be entered post a comment on this blog.
To be entered again link the blog in post on facebook!  Good luck!


Marianne Duarte said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Jennifer for such a moving prelude to this fall's show. I love this building, and the old photos of you in it are amazing! It will be an honor to be a part of Funky Junk again and in such a wonderful setting. Good job girls. See you there! Marianne

Michele said... Best Blogger Tips

My friend Kathy and I are looking soooo forward to coming! The new place looks absolutely PERFECT!
Thanks for sharing all the background too! That's always my favorite part! See you that weekend. Can't come til Sunday (boohoo) cuz I've got a friends wedding in the tri cities on Sat.
Michele Craft
(Your numero uno blog stalker...)xoxoxo

Gayle said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you have thought of the perfect
Have a great show!

Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

What a gorgeous setting for Funky Junk. It is beautiful and so are the memories that you have shared. How fun to be in such a special place!!

ontheroadagain from Idaho said... Best Blogger Tips

I am suppose to leave town the first for a month - but HAY -- I may just wait so I can attend the FUNKY JUNK weekend!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Jennifer, this was a beautiful story, blog, article, whatever. We have many wonderful memories of St. Joseph's and the Bair Family. I've never been to a Funky Junk Show, but your description makes me want to attend! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and memories. And good luck for a most successful Funky Junk weekend! Love to all, Linda (Seymour) Buckley

Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter, Robin, and I are so looking forward to Funky Junk. Love the new location and the history behind your choice is priceless; thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

Hollie Joy In The Morning said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful Jennifer!! So wonderfully said...and awesome pictures past & present, can't wait to add Funky Junk Fall 2011 pictures to your scrapbooks!

Two Women said... Best Blogger Tips

So looking forward to next weekend with the Funky Junk girls (and guys!). It is sure to be wonderful show in this beautiful, new location!
See you both soon.
Fielding & Dianna
Two Women

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I cried when I read this. What a beautiful way to look at a building. Good luck to you.

Cyndi H

Cary said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah! I'm so happy you found such an awesome spot! Although I share your sentiment about Oden Hall. And guess what, I nominated you for a blogger award! Check it out at

Chris Gerke said... Best Blogger Tips

We're planning on coming for the show. Lovely cookbook. Hope I win.

Chris Gerke said... Best Blogger Tips

I shared the link to my facebook page for another entry. Thanks,Chris

Ormolulu said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Jennifer and Hollie . . . I'm so HAPPPY for you in this FANTASTIC location!! I totally get it about the heart of location, and you couldn't have done better. I really, really wish I could come but wish you all the best for a fantastic show. I know it will be *blessed*!!!

xoxo Debi

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a fun place to have a show - best wishes

Patti P. said... Best Blogger Tips

Just found you from the Farm Chicks blog site & am glad to see that you and Hollie are doing these shows! I spent alot of my younger years in Louisiana & loved going to the church bazaars and gatherings, so your new place seems like a perfect place for you guys! Best wishes to you both & I know it's so much fun!